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Advanced Crisis Negotiation Team Training Course @ Meeting Hall Occidental Aurelia Hotel
Nov 21 – Nov 24 all-day
Advanced Crisis Negotiation Team Training Course @ Meeting Hall Occidental Aurelia Hotel

The Advanced Crisis Negotiation Team Training Course is a 3½ day course that teaches attendees how to effectively organize and conduct a successful crisis negotiation. A Crisis Negotiator who understands a subject’s needs and thought processes by profiling the subject’s personality can gain a decisive edge.

Through the use of the Myer’s Brigg’s Type Indicator (MBTI), students will improve their communication skills and gain a better understanding of how this highly effective and predictive strategy can be used to understand a subject’s personality type to improve communication and peacefully resolve an incident.

Elicitation is the art of obtaining information through a conversational style that maximizes the flow of information without raising concerns or suspicions. Using real-world training scenarios students will learn skills that will enable them to acquire information during negotiations, interviews and debriefings without the subject being aware. This information then can be used to the advantage of Tactical Assets and the enhancement of command decision making.

A properly organized negotiating team and communication is paramount for a successful negotiation. Quality unit Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and experienced personnel knowing their part of the negotiating team lends to a more successful event.

Real world examples of CNT scenarios will be discussed to demonstrate positive and negative results from a first responder’s point of view.

The course will conclude with multiple role play scenarios. These will include negotiating through an interpreter, vehicle hostage situation, and single and multiple hostage takers.

The overall course objectives include:

  1. Utilizing Intelligence to conduct a successful negotiation.
  2. Improving elicitation skills to better establish rapport and gather information from the hostage taker
  3. Maximizing cooperation from sources, especially those who may be reluctant
  4. Learning concrete, proven negotiation and elicitation techniques and how to apply them
  5. Maintaining control of the command center and communicating with all stakeholders
  6. Confirming SOP is effective and comprehensive but with enough leeway for unexpected events
  7. Understanding real world scenarios to make the negotiation team deal with the pressures associated with Crisis negotiation.


Day 1:
Introduction & Course Overview
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Effective Listening
Rapport with a hostage taker

Day 2:
Utilizing Intelligence to conduct the Negotiation
Use of Interpreters
Conducting Crisis Negotiations

Day 3:
Establishing Standards and Procedures
Exercise prep
Exercises Negotiation with an Interpreter, Multiple Hostage takers, Vehicle

Day 4:
Exercises Negotiation with an Interpreter, Multiple Hostage takers, Vehicle
Course Review
Graduation, Awarding of Certificates


CLIFFORD RUGGLES is a retired U.S. Army CW3, with over 21 years U.S.DIA of active duty time as a certified interrogator and Strategic Debriefer. He has worked the Department Head for the Overt Training Department for over ten years. He is the primary trainer with the Phoenix Consulting Group LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DynCorp International, since August 2003. Clifford earned a Bachelor of Science from Excelsior College and an MBA from American Intercontinental University.

PERIE MIRANDA New York State(NYS) certified crisis negotiator with over 20 Years of law enforcement experience. He is currently Detective for the Greenburgh, NY Police department and was formerly New York City Police Investigator. Among his many assignments Mr. Miranda has investigated homicides, burglaries, robberies, domestic violence offenses, rapes, assaults, and grand larcenies. He has worked wiretap investigations, money laundering, death investigations and auto accident fatality investigations. He has responded to numerous hostage/crisis negotiation calls as a NYS certified hostage negotiator. Using his experience as a counter narcotics officer along with his bilingual skills and ability to cultivate confidential informants, he was assigned to work in an undercover capacity with the Drug and Alcohol Task Force and Detective Division. While assigned to the NYPD, Mr. Miranda also worked Organized Crime and surveillance.

This course is approved by the US Department of State, Directorate of Commercial Defense Control (DDTC) through the International Arms Traffic Regulation (ITAR).

Seen the particulary of the contents of this cycle of studies on the intelligence, its registration to every single course will come estimated the professional resume of every single partecipant before being accepted.

Indispensable booking within 20 May 2019.
Limited Seats.
The course will be developed in English language with simultaneus traslation in italian and portugues language.