Stabilization & Development

STAM operate, above all, in areas hit by tribal and clan conflicts and complex security environments.
In this context, our activities include maximizing the possibilities of restoring the rule of law and social cohesion, developing and supporting new projects and policies with socio-economic development.
STAM is active in a number of critical areas in response to disasters and in post-conflict situations, including mounting a rapid reaction capability, de-mining operations, and security sector reform. For example, in response to ethnic conflicts , civil wars , insurgent activities , terrorist attacks and natural disasters, STAM can immediately deploy tactical operations centers and security teams to secure critical sites and lines of communication, manage available resources and provide connectivity to outside support agencies within 48 hours.
STAM has supported interventions in international crisis-hit areas, with stabilization and peace keeping actions.
Support to re-establish the processes of governance
Support to re-establish the processes of governance and facilitate recovery and redevelopment in the aftermath of environmental disasters.

Post-emergency planning
Post-emergency planning & projects for territorial and environmental defense in conjunction with
civil defense authorities.

Programs for economic development & shared civic responsibility
Programs for economic development & shared civic responsibility; re-establishment of the rule of
the law and promotion of the relationship with public institutions: support in the management of conflicts among local communities and at institutional levels.

Technical, administrative and organizational support
Technical, administrative and organizational support for authorities whose powers have been
usurped by terrorist , crime and narco-organization infiltration.

Cultural & Heritage Police capabilities program
Program support to the defense of archaeological heritage, and the formation of specialized police forces capable of preserving conservation. The Italian experience in this area is considered a leader internationally.

Developing devices actionable early warning through networks & relationships
Development program and local support, to create with liaisons , security networks with native people, through consensus actions, for business protection.