STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd offers specialized training programs for governments, corporations, Ngo, Media. STAM can train & assist in non-conflict support to Law Enforcement, Armed Force, and Force Protection.

Courses are delivered by qualified former Special Forces, Special Operations Forces, and Intelligence Agency Instructors who employ combined doctrines and training methodology derived from contemporary operational experience and approved programs of instruction.

The training programs are organized in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

The training programs that STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd will provide are:

Reorganization and developing Law Enforcement / Security Force capabilities (CIVPOL) program
Provide assistance and support to the civil reconciliation process in areas harmed by the presence of ethnic conflict, insurgent activity, terrorism, and organized crime. 
For example, in response to complex terrorist attacks & crime activities, STAM can immediately deploy an International Mobile Training Team to secure specialized training to help the Law Enforcement reorganization and specialization.

Defense & Intelligence Building Capabilities
Training program designed to meet the demands of conventional & Special Forces, intelligence agency assigned to a counter-terrorism role. STAM’s Training division offers intelligence courses that can be bolstered by our partners DynCorp International, Phoenix Consulting Group, and international intelligence specialists.

Disarming, Demobilization, Reintegration (DDR) program
STAM provides this program for the reduction of unconventional armaments within a framework of consensus, development, and cooperation. The project is based on the disarmament, demobilization, and training of former combatants to reintegrate them into the new Native Police Force.

Corporate Support
STAM prepares employees about to deploy into areas of increased risk, and teaches extensive personal security measures. STAM consultants develop training solutions to prepare the distribution campaign or project managers to fulfill the roles of security focal points.

STAM is able to build customized training programs for staff working in high-risk environments for NGOs, the media, business organizations, not-for-profit organizations and relief organizations. STAM uses a training centers in the United States, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

International mobile training teams
STAM has an International Mobile Training Team (IMTT) capable of operating at our customers’ facilities. The IMTT can even operate in hostile environment and in high-risk areas.

Weapons & certain equipment restrictions
There are restrictions for the international mobile training team. We do not provide our own weapon systems and specialized equipment without the necessary legal documentation and governmental or agency authorization.