Recruitment Informations

STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd assumes its responsibility for promoting equal opportunities and combating discrimination. It seeks to ensure the full integration of each employee in his or her working environment, regardless of his or her ethnic or social origin, color, gender, religion, nationality, other distinguishing characteristics. It seeks to ensure that client companies ensure the respect for these values in the working conditions for the personnel made available to them.

The requirements for opportunities assumptions are the following:

  • Military, Law Enforcement , Private Security service (those with shorter military / Law Enforcement service but with specific to role experience in the commercial sector may also be considered) Military/Law Enforcement discharge certificate
  • CV (English) Passport (minimum 6 months validity)
  • Criminal record disclosure (last 12 months)
  • Medical clearance for mental health issues
  • Vaccination: Yellow fever
  • SIA Close Protection license ( or national equivalent)
  • FPOS/MIRA/ CLS ( or national equivalent )
  • First Aid at Work
  • Certification of firearms competency
  • Certification of Close Protection & Hostile Environment Operations competency

The STAM human resources department evaluates each candidate regardless of his resume. All our Operators regardless of their resume are obliged to attend our training courses, to align with the SOP’s and corporate guidelines. A review of resumes, background check and intensive interview is the first phase in the selection process to ensure that the men and women that are retained by STAM are the best choice for the specific positions required. After the first phase has been completed, successful candidates will be requested to attend the selection and assessment phase. During this ten day course, candidates will be tested on existing skill sets, aptitudes, attitudes and maturity. Candidates who display leadership qualities will be considered for leadership roles. This critical second phase is not currently employed by any of the top tier PMSC’s. Upon assessment, those candidates who are selected will be scheduled to attend training in the next available course. During this third phase, students will attend the specific courses necessary for their positions within the Company. The PSR/PSD courses are four weeks in duration and will train students in the Team Concept and upon completion of the course of instruction, deploy the students as a Team. The advantage to this concept is that the PSR/PSD Team will have built cohesion and camaraderie and will rotate through deployments as a Team. Differences in personalities, strengths and weaknesses can be addressed during the training phase and personnel effectively managed to achieve the best results and Team effectiveness. Currently, this method is not practiced by PMSC’s as they rotate individuals rather than teams. All PSS operatives will receive training in cross-cultural communications, are given specific regional and area orientation, rudimentary language skills and are sensitive to the environment within which they operate. Each PSS operator is well versed in local laws and customs and implements the rules of engagement using approved escalation of force procedures. This additional training and subsequent certification is what sets our operators apart from our competitors. Training is the key to our success and our training is what will differentiate us from the rest of the market. Government agencies that are finding it difficult to access ranges and other training facilities can contract with STAM to use the Training Center. Courses can be taught by STAM’s cadre or by the unit’s trainers. Upon the completion of the training phase, students will be required to meet the standards of the course by performance oriented training and testing. Each terminal learning objective will consist of a task, condition and standard. Students who successfully meet or exceed the standards of the course will be certified by the training cadre and if required by the appropriate government agency who will then provide the students with the credentials of certification. The certification process allows STAM to deploy personnel with greater confidence and assurances that expectations of professional performance, personal conduct, and ethical behavior will be adhered too.