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What path ahead for Italy?

By Gaia Renzi, Intelligence Division Intern of STAM Strategic & Partners Group Ltd, February 2020 In the aftermath of the Berlin Conference, with many good proposals but without a sanction system to safeguard the final agreement, the main flaws of the deal became...

Il lavoro è un diritto, non un dovere.

Abbiamo deciso di inaugurare il blog di STAM nel 2020 con un'analisi non propriamente settoriale, concernente il diritto del lavoro, pur essendo direttamente collegata anche alle PMS'C Contractors, oltre che a tutti i settori imprenditoriali del mondo, in quanto...

Terrorism: ISIS Likely to Maintain Operational Tempo in 2020 Despite Losing Leader

ISIS terrorist operations in 2020 are likely to continue at a similar pace and with similar effectiveness despite the loss of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 26 October US raid. The group probably will transition relatively smoothly to new leader Abdullah Qardash, who three months ago began running day-to-day ISIS operations to allow al-Baghdadi to focus on building religious fervor in the organization, according to an August statement from the ISIS press agency Amaq.