A new doctrine

Through the experience gained by its advisors, the Brazilian company TAE (Segurança Integrada) and its…

Response to COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd, through its Information & Intelligence Division,…

Latin America

STAM Strategic & Partners Group Ltd opened, with two other partners, the Brazilian company STAM…

IEIS Creditation

Since 9/18/2020 STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd has been accredited by the IEIS (Institute…

Role of STAM Strategic & Partners Group LTD

Who we are

STAM was created in 2010 from the initiative of a large industrial group that accepted the challenge to provide innovative technological solutions and security & defence services.


STAM aspires to be the leading, global provider of full-spectrum integrated risk mitigation solutions to multinational corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private corporations/individuals.


STAM’s policies are based on honesty, transparency and integrity.

Our services

STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd has a diverse range of security, risk mitigation and specialist support services.

Our service lines are led by experienced leaders with proven track records in military, government, defense, aerospace and security sectors.

Recruitment Informations

Recruitment Informations STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd assumes its responsibility for promoting equal opportunities…


Training STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd offers specialized training programs for governments, corporations, Ngo,…


Consulting STAM Strategic & Partners Group Consulting division provides government and private sectorclients, specialized solutions…

Stabilization & Development

Stabilization & Development STAM operate, above all, in areas hit by tribal and clan conflicts…


Intelligence STAM Intelligence Division providing intelligence and investigative services to corporate and government, a variety…


Security STAM utilizes the expertise of people from all over the world who specialize in…

Training Plan

STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd offers specialized training programs for governments, corporations, NGOs and Media. STAM can train & assist in non-conflict support to Law Enforcement, Armed Force and Force Protection.

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