STAM utilizes the expertise of people from all over the world who specialize in global security services. The experience STAM operators and advisors gained in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Africa, several Latin American countries, and other highly complex scenarios & hostile environments allowed the creation of special security devices and protection rings which are supported by a G2 Intel-cell and Command & Control Center within the regional area of operations providing information, intelligence management, operational planning and implementation including the provision of armed security, life support, command, control, and redundant methods of communications.

  • Executive Close Protection
    STAM utilizes the expertise of former NATO Special Forces, Diplomatic Security Service agents and operators, providing Tier 1 / Tier 2 ,specialist executive protection to diplomats, CEO’s, NGO’s, and high net worth individuals, ensuring a bespoke service, tailored to the clients wishes. STAM prides itself on the professionalism of its Personal Protection Specialists (PSS) who are mindful of the profile of their clients, are able to blend in with their surroundings, while still providing a discreet but highly effective level of security.
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection
    STAM employs, trains, and certifies close protection operators with strong special operations forces backgrounds from the global special operations community. STAM operators conduct close protection operations in some of the world’s most hostile and remote environments, including Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. Every Protective Rings of Security (PSR) Detail and Personal Security Detail (PSD) is supported by a Tactical Operations Center within the regional area of operations, providing information and intelligence management, operational planning and implementation including the provision of armed security, life support, command, control, and redundant methods of communications. All PSS operatives are trained in cross-cultural communications, are given specific regional & area orientation and rudimentary language skills, and are sensitive to the environment within which they operate. Each PSS operator is well-versed in local laws and customs and implements the rules of engagement using International body approved escalation of force procedures. This additional training and subsequent certification sets our operators apart from our competitors.
  • Asset Protection
    STAM’s security operations have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection, from escorting high value cargo in transit (convoy escort) to safeguarding specialized high value equipment on static locations. All client requirements are taken into account and robust security postures implemented to ensure integrity of the assets wherever they may be.
  • Key Point Security
    Using proven threat and risk methodology combined with a wealth of experience STAM experts can identify and counter risks to provide effective key point security plans and ensure implementation and management occur. From corporate headquarters to strategic power plants, STAM can provide the right level of manpower and technology to protect property in a cost effective manner.
  • TLC Mission Critical Service
    STAM set up a TLC Mission Critical dedicated division.
    The TLC Mission Critical division operates within a complex field that requires specific expertise and professional skills and, thus, is a field for the privileged few. The TLC/TSCM Division can easily provide tailored projects, offering radio links with the main brands in the technology industry. We offer on field set up of networks communication in different fields and via earth, air, sea, river, and so on. We provide a very high level of encrypted communication to be applied in any situation: set up security, Close Protection Teams, extraordinary or ordinary intelligence operations on the field. To achieve this, we use different platforms, from Motorola Mission critical, General Dynamics, Codan to Airbus.
    Of course, the service is customized according to the client needs and we provide on-field assistance.
    Moreover, we use video-surveillance equipment and use the services of main brands, such as: Ceragon, Cambium Networks, Avigilon Motorola.