Die of negligence and incapacity

By Giovanni Piero Spinelli, CEO & Director of Intelligence Division of STAM Strategic & Partners Group Ltd, March 2020

It was last January 28 or maybe 31 when the Italian Council of Ministers declared the state of emergency for coronavirus, choosing, in absolute negligence and incapacity, the maximum precautionary line. By activating the blocking of China’s flights as the only precautionary activity, in the absence of any analysis activity related to the identification of the risk factor and above all the structural escalation of the threat.
The political decision maker, first of all, was unable, due to absolute managerial and experiential inability, to assess the threat and, above all, the development in which it would have evolved, in the absolute absence of that forecasting activity of the temporal element a short, medium and long term.
With great thoughtlessness, the structure where the threat linked to a possible infection would have acted was not assessed.
All within an announced, and not sudden, catastrophe, because the political decision maker cannot enjoy the alibi of surprise or not knowing, as Italy was not the first country to be hit, it was given precedence to sterile and useless behaviors of senseless and irresponsible murderous goodism, exposing the population and the economy of the country to an announced massacre.
The lack of decision and command ability in making decisions, often even unpopular, have caused, in a very short time, a shock of the systemic context in which the contagion events have developed, which have sent absolutely any tasked structure to the tilt to contrast the spread of the virus.
There was no absolute and responsible management of the information element, in order not to create exacerbation and absolutely uncontrollable behavior of public opinion, which immediately fell into a state of panic, which in the near future could provoke in the country very serious problems of public order and insurrectional retching.
The scenario is not absolutely positive, because it is not controlled by a leadership capable of guaranteeing stable control of the territory by virtue of the threat underway, to which anthropic and social threats, such as rebellions within the system, are also overlapping. penitentiary, general hysteria in the race for food supplies.

The KO inflicted on the European stock exchanges, due to the blitz of the Italian government in Lombardy to control the spread of the coronavirus, and the clash on oil, after the failure to reach an agreement within Opec +, created panic on the markets and knocked out the European stock exchanges, with Piazza Affari paying the highest salary.
Also this factor has been absolutely underestimated and managed with great incapacity and negligence. If no structured decisions are taken in the coming weeks, the Italian economy will drop below its production capacity, so many supply capacities will be slowed down significantly if not interrupted, the impact on the social structure and on the democratic stability of the country will be compromised and will lead to recrudescences and social behaviors so far not calculated.
The emotional action due to the loss of loved ones, due to the lack of targeted health care, due to the collapse, could create a violent backlash on public order, triggering behavior that is difficult to manage.
Having said that, I believe it is time that politics, if it still feel some sense of love and belonging to this country, bring competent people on the field, capable of dealing with this draconian threat. We are at war and to win at war it is necessary to have good commanders and leaders who are an example and who know how to instill trust and tangible prospects of victory in the hearts.
The history of this country has already had in the past various generals of Caporetto and admirals of Lessa, I believe that the time has come to stop this wicked tradition.
We are in the hands of God, our only general.

Gianpiero Spinelli
Gianpiero Spinelli is an Italian Airborne (Folgore Brigade) Cpl OR4 (ret) and former US DoD Military & Security Contractor in High Risk Areas. He is a former paratrooper of the Brigade ‘Folgore’ and an Airborne Brigade of the Italian Army, a very sought-after specialization. Furthermore, he is trained inside international structures such as DynCorp International llc-Phoenix Consulting Group llc.