W2C Advisors

STAM, will participate with its advisors at the W2C.
W2C is the most important event in the world regarding operations in urban areas. The W2C is organized within Base Armalite (training center owned by the well-known weapons brand), in the city of Itù, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 04 to 07 September 2021.

Gianpiero Spinelli
Gianpiero Spinelli is an Italian Airborne (Folgore Brigade) Cpl OR4 (ret) and former US DoD Military & Security Contractor in High Risk Areas. He is a former paratrooper of the Brigade ‘Folgore’ and an Airborne Brigade of the Italian Army, a very sought-after specialization. Furthermore, he is trained inside international structures such as DynCorp International llc-Phoenix Consulting Group llc.